We are looking for up to five keen writers to join our reviews team for the Edinburgh festivals this year.

You can be any age, any background, any level of experience. We don’t care. The only requirements are that you:

  • can write well
  • take an analytical eye to what you see (no “I liked this, but I didn’t like that” – you have to be able to explain and justify what you say and back it up with examples)
  • know and love your particular artform (or have a willingness to learn)
  • understand the Edinburgh festival scene (or are able to get up to speed very quickly)

You’ll also need to be reliable, honest and punctual, of course. We’d be looking for at least ten reviews of 3-400 words during August. These can be arranged at your convenience. Many of the team have full-time jobs and family commitments, so if you can only review at certain times for whatever reason that’s not a problem.

It’s unpaid. All our writers and editors are unpaid, such is the current climate for online arts magazines. But your tickets will be free and you’ll be part of the fastest growing reviews site at the Fringe. There’ll be social get-togethers and a supportive group of colleagues, who often end up becoming friends. In the words of two of last year’s newcomers…

“I joined the team late in the day but couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome. Reviewing at the Fringe can be really stressful so being part of a team that has your back makes all the difference.”Cath Renton (2018 Fringe reviewer)

“I’ve had a fantastic experience writing for the Wee Review, especially during the Festival. I’ve always enjoyed the buzz and excitement in the city in August, but being a reviewer last year made me feel really part of it all. In addition to this, joining the Wee Review team has enabled me to develop my skills and confidence as a writer. The section editors are not only committed to maintaining high standards in terms of quality, but are invariably approachable, supportive and encouraging. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in The Wee Review podcast and had a right laugh at a few Wee Review social events. If you’re thinking about getting on board as a contributor, I’d say: absolutely give it a go. It’s been thoroughly rewarding!”Kirsty McGrory (2018 Fringe reviewer)

To apply, please contact our editor on robert.peacock@theweereview.com telling us in 200 words or fewer:

  • A little bit about yourself
  • Why you’d like to join the team
  • What kinds of things you’d like to review

Please also include a couple of samples of your writing. These can be reviews you’ve written for other publications, a piece from your blog, or if you haven’t written before, have a go at writing a short review of something you’ve recently seen or read.

We don’t want anyone to exclude themselves because of imposter syndrome, fears over being accepted or any other form of self doubt. The only criteria to join the team are those above, and if you can demonstrate that in your 200 words and writing samples, you’re in. We hope to hear from you.

Deadline is Sun 30 Jun 2019.