Short Com has announced details of its upcoming 2020 virtual edition, which for the first time will be available UK-wide. The comedy short film festival will be screening over 30 different shorts from around the globe on from 30 November – 6 December.

Established in 2011, the festival celebrates emerging film-makers and on-screen talent and offers an eclectic range of films to please film and comedy fans of all tastes. This year, by going virtual, they have been able to expand the number of films in the programme and increase the diversity of the films shown. The silver lining to not being able to enjoy films with a live audience on the big screen is reaching new audiences that have not discovered Short Com before.

The festival is also aware of the difficult times we are living through and all profits from the event will be donated to the Refugee Council.

Creative Director, Chris Aitken, says, “It would be wrong to profit from the event with the hard work the filmmakers have endured in making their art. The pandemic and lockdown has been a very real and chilling experience for most people. But lockdown is a very constant reality for refugees in camps escaping turmoil and seeking safety in a foreign land.

“We hope that viewers find some joy and comfort watching the Short Com programme for the limited period of its availability during a time we can all do with a bit of cheer. From charming, light, to dark and the surreal, Short Com is the box of chocolates of short comedy film festivals.”

Short Com runs from 30 November – 6 December. Festival passes are available for £10 via Xerb TV.

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