Showing @ King’s Theatre 15-19 Feb

Arguably one of the most iconic songs of any musical is ‘If I Were a Rich Man’ from the multi- award-winning stage musical and film, Fiddler On The Roof. With continued popularity since its first production in 1964, Edinburgh-based amateur operatic group, the Southern Light Opera Company, are reviving the show in true West End style with a full cast of over seventy performers.

Set in pre-revolution Tsarist Russia, Fiddler on the Roof is the story of poor Jewish milkman Tevye and his wife as they try to find good husbands for their five daughters, all of whom want to marry for love instead of tradition. Against the backdrop of a fast-changing world where Jews are being expelled from their villages, Tevye’s family and neighbours stand to lose absolutely everything, from their homes to their freedom.

Despite its reputation for being gloomy, local director Andy Johnston promises that the musical’s “numerous uplifting and entertaining scenes” contrast against the more emotional moments, making Fiddler on the Roof “a powerful and moving piece of theatre”. With the Southern Light Opera Company’s reputation for the quality of their singing and the lead role of Teyve (Lech Boroń) said to be one of the most demanding of all the musicals, this is set to be an impressive production on a grand and ambitious scale.