Showing across Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow 14 Feb-26 Mar.

New Territories, a festival featuring some of the best practitioners of performance art in the world should hopefully both appeal to those who are already fans of the art-form and initiate some new celebrants to the cause.

Performers from Poland, America, Quebec and closer to home converge to produce shows examining life, death, sex, politics, the nature of art and a plethora of other themes delivered to the audience through the prism of unique artistic imaginations.

Amongst the highlights are the debut New Territories performance by Louise Lecavalier a mainstay in the 80s and 90s of Québécois dance experimenters La La La Human Steps, Richard Strange bringing the iconic Cabaret Futura to the Glasgow’s Arches, a poignant tribute to the late lamented Spalding Gray conceived by his widow and Sol Pico’s El Llac de les Mosques a look at middle age through the world of the rock concert.

Scotland’s choreography skills are on display with a strand called Big Ideas capturing the wealth of talent in the country such as Iona Kewney and Jack Webb who manage to create wonderful work but on a shoestring budget and the opportunity to learn more and delve a little deeper comes from a series of talks and classes in the winter school.

For those familiar with performance art this is a chance to indulge a passion and for those coming fresh, it’s a fantastic opportunity to expand their minds and their horizons and should definitely not be missed.