Check out Deputy Artistic Director of Tightlaced talking about The Dress Affair one of their previous shows:

Venue closure in Edinburgh has been a hot topic amongst the theatre world with the Roxy Arthouse shutting its doors and the fight to return the old Odeon building on Clerk street to its former glory. Luckily while all this is going on, Tighlaced Theatre Company in Edinburgh has decided to open their lovechild to the public. A new venue, situated in the Arts Complex of St Margaret’s House on London Road. that can be used a performance, rehearsal and workshop space.

The G21 room, also fondly titled “Fort Tightlaced” by the Company is open for business and its first performance will come in the form of a stand-up comedy show entitled War on Fear. The Company’s own productions will follow with the Tightlaced New Talent series opening in March and continuing throughout the year with rehearsed readings of new writing.

The space is to be used for educational purposes and can be rented out to other companies in order to create a collaborative theatre community within Edinburgh and expand on the cities already prominent theatrical history.

Sponsored by PropsMaster and Edinburgh Ink Shop, the corsetted company have set their sights on big things for the coming years and are looking for future collaborators to help with their rapidly expanding workings.

The opening of the space included a good spread of food, drink and banter, which (other than theatre) the Company do best. They will always welcome visits with a cup of tea, a biscuit and some theatrical chat.

So, in a world where theatre and small company closures are a worry, and an economic climate that’s flooding us with government cutbacks, it’s refreshing to see a company thriving and growing. With new work to look forward to and an open mic night to celebrate the Royal Wedding in April we can expect to hear more from Tightlaced and their fort of theatrical goings on.