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Jenni Gould


Jenni is a film-maker, producer, writer, musical theatre enthusiast and general nerd.

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The Commitments
Edinburgh Playhouse

The Commitments

The jukebox musical that belts out soul but struggles to find one of its own


Preview: Anything Goes

At the Brunton Theatre this week, Musselburgh Amateur Musical Association tackle the Cole Porter classic.

War on Fear

Fight fear with love and maybe we’ll all get on a bit better in the world. Clearasil won’t get you laid no matter what the shiny box in your living room tells you, so you might as well look elsewhere for pleasure in life.


Fort Tightlaced

With venue closure in Edinburgh a hot topic, be thankful for the unstoppable Tightlaced Theatre Company.


Noises Off

Showing @ Pleasance Courtyard, 9-13 Nov dark, farcical comedy from Michael Frayn


Hip hop: a way of life? @ Festival Theatre



Get ready to dance! @ Festival Theatre this month

His Dark Materials

These fantastic Phillip Pullman stories are bought to the Festival’s stage by a melange of puppetry and visual stimulation in two parts.


Lost In Audio

Jenni Gould went off to chat to lead singer/guitarist Joe and drummer/backing singer Ewan about the Edinburgh music scene, Iceland and their thoughts on getting ahead in the music industry…