Get out of the way..

I’ve already had festival rage multiple times. Walking past Greyfriar’s Bobby makes me want to hurt people, especially the masses of Japanese and American tourists who have almost killed me on various occasions by forcing me to walk on the road. Living in Edinburgh is fantastic at this time of year, but getting on with your daily routine is, to put it mildly, bollocks. Especially due to those pavementally challenged people who like to stop in the middle of the street for no reason. Gaaah!

However, I can’t complain to much because the frivolities and dramatical delights help in calming the incredible hulk tendencies that we Edinburgers face. My first shows of the Festival took place on Thursday eve and I was more than excited to get back into the spirit and watch something joyful. First up was a show my old flat-mate was stage-managing for. “The Laundry of Life Pegged on The Line” is a one woman show featuring Dee Mardi with help from her pianist side-kick Dan. It was reminiscent of the old variety tradition, encompassing story-telling, audience participation and a variety of songs, some written by Mardi herself. It’s on at C aquis for the length of the Festival and you’ll probably find the cast and crew in various local establishments enjoying the more fermented festival delights afterwards.

After this we went to a show I was ridiculously excited about. Dead Cat Bounce’s “Too Fast for Love.” I have seen these guys at the last 3 Fringe’s now and I never tire of them, having literally cried laughing at every show. The four-strong Irish band’s stage presence has certainly developed since the first year I saw them. Their songs are hilarious spoofs, with titles such as “Over Enthusiastic Contraceptive Lady” and they span the musical genres with their unique boyish humour. But listening to their songs isn’t enough, their mannerisms and on-stage chemistry is what makes the show, and they never fail to impress. If you have to go and see one comedy show this year, they are the ones to watch. Saying this, I have a lot more funny stuff coming up this year so my mind could be swayed… but I’ll always have a soft spot for them. If you also want to witness the joy, head to the Guilded Balloon (Teviot).

On Thursday night I also ran into an old friend in the Castle Arms who was doing a show down stairs. The thing about the Fringe is that if you move in theatrical circles (i.e you’re a bloody drama queen) you will no doubt bump into people you haven’t seen for a while and this makes the atmosphere so much nicer. Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes this is even better than the shows themselves.

Tomorrow I’m off work so another day of wanting to punch tourists shall resume, but at least it will also quench the thirst for my not so secret lover…the theatre.

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