Packed full of infidelity, cross dressing, identity changes, misunderstandings and slapstick, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro is the ultimate exercise in silliness married – pardon the pun – to some of the finest, most tuneful pieces of music in the operatic universe, the overture alone has the capacity to infuse an auditorium with joy add that to soaring arias, duets and even sextets and you have a recipe for unalloyed bliss.

This is opera to lose yourself in

Scottish Opera‘s production beginning in Glasgow in October and coming to Edinburgh on the 19th November is directed by renowned baritone Sir Thomas Allen. Allen brings with him both the experience of directing the show before, making his directorial début with Figaro in 2007, and an unrivalled familiarity with the story, having played the role of the Count frequently over his 41 year career.

Featuring exceptional performers such as Thomas Oliemans as Figaro the ever watchable Francesco Facini as Bartolo and the fast rising operatic star Roderick Williams as the the Count as well as many of the best performers from Scottish Opera’s excellent rep company this promises to be a highly pleasurable experience for those lucky enough to catch this tour.

Yes of course Figaro is as light as thistledown and it’s plot is so flimsy it would embarrass a west end farce but the music and the performances are what have made audiences fall in love with this opera for over 200 years and there’s plenty of strum and drang out there for those who want it.

This is opera to lose yourself in. A frangipane creation made to take you away from everyday cares so unpack your cynicism and let the exuberant lunacy wash over you.

Tour Dates:

Theatre Royal Glasgow

Fri 29 Oct, Tue 30 Nov, Thu 2 Dec, Sat 4 Dec*+, 7.15pm

Sun 31 Oct, 4pm

Figaro Unwrapped, Wed 1 Dec, 6pm

Box Office: 0844 8717647

Eden Court, Inverness

Thu 4 Nov, Sat 6 Nov*+, 7.15pm

Figaro Unwrapped, Wed 3 Nov, 6pm

Box Office 01463 234234

His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen

Thu 11 Nov, Sat 13 Nov *+, 7.30pm

Figaro Unwrapped, Fri 12 Nov, 6pm

Box Office: 01224 641122

Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Fri 19 Nov, Tue 23 Nov+, Thu 25 Nov, Sat 27 Nov

Sun 21 Nov*, 4pm

Figaro Unwrapped, Thu 18 Nov, 6pm

Box Office: 0131 529 6000