Mark Cousins/ Sweden UK/ 2016/ 84 mins

@Filmhouse Edinburgh from Fri 16 Jun 2017

Anyone who has seen any of Mark Cousins’ previous work will know he brings a deeply poetic sensibility to his documentary work.  His languid, elegiac commentary on his epic The Story of Film: An Odyssey gave the series a hypnotic quality that set it apart from other film documentaries.  Recent works have included Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise, a nuclear history scored by Mogwai, and I Am Belfast, a tribute to his home city which he personifies as a wise, 10,000 year-old woman.

Stockholm, My Love is his first foray into fiction.  Singer Neneh Cherry plays Alva, an architect wandering the streets of the Swedish capital.  As she haunts the city, she herself is haunted by the anniversary of a tragic accident.

Cousins and cinematographer Christopher Doyle bring the same abstract, inquisitive eye to Stockholm that they brought to Northern Ireland, casting the city as a place of refuge and solace.  Doyle previously shot In the Mood For Love for Wong Kar-wai so we know how much vibrancy and a sense of place he can bring to a film.  Cherry as Alva provides a stream-of-consciousness voice-over that muses on her trauma, her childhood and her father’s status as an immigrant.

A spiritual sequel to I Am Belfast, this will be a must-see for fans of Cousins’ documentaries.  It’ll be interesting to see how successfully his experimental, free-wheeling style will translate into drama.

Mark Cousins and Neneh Cherry will be in attendance for a Q and A after the 20:15 screening on Mon 19 June.