The UK’s foremost global change film festival is back for its 2020 edition, with coronavirus forcing its hand into an online-only format. Don’t let that detract from an excellent programme, however; featuring almost 30 feature-length and short dramas and documentaries, as well as a raft of live workshops, Q&As and other digital events, Take One Action 2020 is set to provide plenty of food for thought over the coming weeks.

The entire programme is available to watch from any device across the UK between September 16th and 27th and is offered on a “pay what you can” basis. The eclectic selection of films is both urgent and of the moment, exploring all manner of hot-potato topics including climate justice, labour rights, the treatment of indigenous peoples, prison reform and freedom of the press, among others. The programme is divided into three specific strands:

  • Sisters, which celebrates the empowerment of women and the solidarity extended between female members of the human race
  • Shared Planet, which puts environmental justice under the microscope, with a particular focus on land rights
  • All Equal?, which seeks to investigate and interrogate inequality in all its various guises, including the educational and corporate institutions into which we are born

What’s more, the programme will feature six UK premieres and five Scottish premieres. 75% of the feature films on display are directed by women, as are 79% of the whole shorts programme, while almost a third of the entire catalogue is directed by women of colour. As such, Take One Action helps to give a voice to those with much to say about the state of our world and what we can do to address the glaring issues that plague it.

To find out more and browse the programme to locate the titles that pique your interest the most, simply head over to the Take One Action website, where you can find more information on individual films, screening times and instructions on how to get involved.