Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

Everyone has been there; that horrifying moment when you realise your showbiz idols are in fact years younger than you and yet have accomplished so much more. This very realisation has hit female duo Sally O’Leary and Rhiannon Neads (a.k.a. Stiff and Kitsch) hard and yet given them exactly the inspiration they need for a hilarious Fringe show.

Their second run in Edinburgh has not gone without a hitch, however, and they are in desperate need of a pianist (if anyone knows one…) but they build this into their show so seamlessly that many of the audience left not knowing if this was just another of their skits or if they were genuinely in need of a new piano player.

Most of the show though is focussed on their disastrous love lives and how that should give rise to global success and a host of music awards, just like Adele. But they are not Adele, they are everyone else, who mess up and say the wrong things and date for a couple of months before realising life was actually better when they were on their own.

They seem an unlikely pairing with different looks, styles and backgrounds but their on-stage chemistry works with effortless aplomb and their singing, at times eye-wateringly funny; at others thought-provoking and insightful, is sensational. Their harmonies in particular well-rehearsed and exemplifying tuneful.

The comedy is at times directed more at each other than the audience and the props and staging are simple but O’Leary and Neads are so engaging and entertaining that these more amateur moments are completely overlooked and indeed add to the charm and comedy of the piece.

Stiff and Kitsch are the perfect double act providing a dose of festival fun with excellent song-writing, singing and comedy sketches to boot. For those who are also keenly aware that Adele is younger than them, this may just be the perfect show.