This fantastic new children’s musical should really come with a warning: You will be singing these songs for the next few days, if not maybe the rest of your life! Now whilst some earworm songs from children’s entertainment can be all kinds of awesomeness (Everything is Awesome! from The LEGO Movie) most other children’s songs can verge on the annoying (step up Mr. Blobby!). With Animalphabet however, the genius of the writing and music, partially created by the Hoosiers nonetheless, has created a smorgasbord of wonderful songs that will entertain the children just as much as the adults.

The story follows a fun bunch of animal characters who after a bit of a falling out must come together again to find the musical notes to create a scale before the dastardly duck, Calando, comes along and puts everyone in silence with his devilishly nasty contraption. The storyline is of course a little bit of silly nonsense but it paves the way for some fantastic songs that are peppered throughout the show. The cast perform perfectly their wild and wacky characters and the young audience who were in the audience the same day as this reviewer did truly lap it all up.

It’s a colourful, wide ride with costumes, puppets, and a cheeky sense of humour from the likeable characters. It is all used to great effect. What really is impressive though is this is an educational show without appearing as such. Any child currently learning how to play an instrument or with an interest in singing would truly benefit from seeing the show, as it gives a further understanding to musical notes, scales, and phrases without being preachy or condescending. A musical treat then for families. Don’t be surprised if the soundtrack is purchased soon after because the kids will no doubt want to hear these songs many times again.