Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

The Roaring Girls are off to the beach and ask the audience to join them as they learn to accept their bodies for what they are, leave their inhibitions at home and embrace the beauty of the sun on their skin and the sand in their toes.

As they bound on to the stage with unbridled energy, smiles and laughter the audience would be forgiven for thinking these girls are already body confident. They laugh and joke their way through the opening segments of the show, dancing and booty shaking until all of a sudden the tone shifts and the mood becomes much more sombre.

Despite the façade these girls are not happy with their bodies and use all the words almost all women up-and-down the country (regardless of age, size or class) use to degrade themselves: hate, disgusting, taking up space, pig. What The Roaring Girls want to get across though is that this is not okay. Nobody should be made to feel worthless for the shape of their body. Rachael Abbey and Sarah Penney are big girls and have not had their troubles to seek because of it but quite rightly so they highlight that they are so much more than just the fat around their bellies. They are beautiful, kind, intelligent, funny women and they are here to help people become more body confident.

It is Josie (Jess) Morley who perhaps has the biggest impact though. The message of embracing larger bodies is being seen more and more frequently so it is refreshing that The Roaring Girls are showing that people with average-sized or smaller bodies can feel all the same negative emotions that big women do. Morley admits to an unhealthy relationship with food and a gym habit which spiralled out of control and this, after all, is as dangerous as overeating.

But despite the obvious serious side Beach Body Ready is a fun, vibrant show with amusing anecdotes, plenty of laughs and even free Party Rings for all (who doesn’t love a free biscuit?). On the way out, with plenty to think about already, audience members are given a Beach Body Ready magazine full of stories, poems and suggested reading material to support the Body Positivity movement and you can’t help feeling a little glow inside about what you have just seen.