Loosely inspired by The Red Shoes, Sole Rebel Tap weave a series of adult fairytales through tap dance, with the red tap shoes being the central point in each of the pieces.

With just two female dancers telling stories through tap dance, there’s a great soundtrack, which includes Prince’s Little Red Corvette, Stuck on You by Lionel Ritchie and Too Darn Hot, which accompanies some well-executed tap routines, including some loaves of bread (loafers) which weave their way into the piece.

Slightly bonkers, the different routines explore adulthood, beauty, making the right decisions and the wrong. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on the word red and what it means and suggests: lust, passion, painting the town red, blushing red with pride and baboons’ bottoms!

Anarchic, it doesn’t follow the conventional rules, and the red shoes seem to be a very loose link to string their routines together. Their “hoofering” is good but it doesn’t quite hit the mark as a Fringe dance piece, and you’ll be left searching for the hidden meaning.