Death Valley Girls

at Broadcast

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LA band shred like demons for a disappointingly small crowd

Image of Death Valley Girls

Black clad minxes Death Valley Girls start tonight locked in a Siamese twins embrace. From here on in, their psychedelic twist garage captivates. Gettin’ Hard typifies their sound, a hot stew of tumbleweed guitar, tom toms and snaking bass. Yelping, sexy vocals are mainly by the irresistibly cheeky frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist Bonnie Bloomgarden, and Larry Schemel provides some pretty evil riffs too. Laura ‘The Kid’ Kelsey supplies wild tom toms.

Bloomgarden’s between song banter is winningly surreal too. “Such pretty colours here in Glasgow… Green and… Not green”, she teases, tossing her black hair, a la David St Hubbins. Indeed, the band skewer the posturing of lesser acts, while leaving them wanting as they shred like demons. It’s nice to see a band with real stagecraft and humour.

The hypnotic groove of Wear Black is a clear highlight – it’s like the riff from Tainted Love (Gloria Jones’ original version) turbo-charged, with extra keyboards and fuzz pedal distortion thrown in.

A shame then that there’s so few out tonight. Maybe it’s because it’s a cold Monday in the middle of March. It’s their loss – Death Valley Girls are on smouldering form, providing hypnotic incantations and cosmic fried evocations. It’s fun for all the family – the Manson family, that is. Sometimes, it’s nice to play nasty.