Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

A follow up to last year’s Seduction, showgirl Ivy Paige moves from burlesque songs to channelling the inner charm of Ol’ Blue Eyes and the swing scene. Queen of the Swingers is a glamorous, sensual experience led by an impeccable singer. Paige is astounding as she slowly envelopes you into an absorbing hour, elevated by the experienced hands of Pete Saunders and some ingenious song covers.

The show’s greatest, unavoidable strength is Paige herself. She is an incredible singer in every way. Her voice wavers between medium and high pitches while never dropping a note, hitting the big finishes out of the park with oozing style. The closeness of the Le Monde cocktail lounge makes her performance all the easier to admire, as if you are being treated to your own special experience of raw talent. She toys with her crowd, involving them in her performances and teasing them with a path to seduction. Paige’s voice is an utter marvel, spellbinding quite like nothing else and she never loses her smile as the audience becomes every more captivated.

There are, of course, Frank Sinatra covers, which won’t surprise anyone. Paige and Saunders also let loose with songs of their own imagination. What really impress however are the covers, with Nirvana and Madonna (among others) receiving the swing treatment in sensational ways. Paige’s voice breathes life into these ingenious reinventions, while Saunders is the very ground upon which she stands. She tells her audience that she would not be performing without Saunders, her best friend, and he responds duly with some fantastic piano work. Always in the background but never in the shade, Saunders is a talented singer in his own right. His abilities shine best when dueting with Paige on a Jace Everett cover, his deeper voice working like a dream alongside Paige’s vocals.

This swinging experience is the stuff of dreams. You feel draped in ruby red glory as Paige charms you into a state of amazement. Every chord sinks in with glorious patience, and your eyes will never leave the stage (except when Paige herself does, performing one song sat upon the bar). With amazing covers and star power of the rarest order, Queen of the Swingers will stay with you for a long time, a first hand experience of showgirl royalty.