Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

From first crushes to the embarrassing email addresses we have confined to the depths of the internet Megan Shandley takes a real life look at not just her experiences but those we have all had as technology has advanced. Oh, and of course Leonardo DiCaprio will make a number of appearances given the close connection that he and Shandley share…

A local lass, Shandley has a warm, relaxed persona on stage and despite the low numbers in the Nightcap Bar’s room tonight she can work a crowd, interacting but never making anybody feel uncomfortable. She is the kind of person you can imagine having a fun night out with – perhaps with a bag of goon in hand.

Already a Funny Women grand finalist in 2018, a Scottish Variety Award nominee in 2017 and having starred in BBC Scotland’s Comedy Underground, Shandley shows the small audience tonight why she could well be on her way to a bigger venue and bigger audiences next year – in fact she deserves it. She is confident and not put off by a couple of interruptions during the show, effortlessly tying them into her jokes which include her mum live Skyping her grandfather’s funeral and the amount of dormant WhatsApp groups her dad has invited her to, of which the pair are the only members.

After her Fringe run she is off to LA for three months (all she can get without a Visa) and the differences between British and American reactions to things bring some humour, and no doubt there will be more after her latest transatlantic trip and she ties the show together at the end by going full circle and returning to her first crush.

Megazoid is a confident showing and we can look forward to watching her progress up the comedy ranks over the next few years.