With their hair slicked back, suits pressed and pocket squares perfectly folded, the boys of Modern Maori Quartet deliver old school entertainment and singing voices that are utterly incredible.

Best described as the Maori Ratpack, their set spans sixty or so years, offering everything from soul classics to original compositions. But the glue that really holds this show together is the warm rapport they share with the audience.


Their inspiration is New Zealand’s show-bands of the 60s and 70s, such as the Maori Hi Five, the Hi-Marks and the Quin Tikis. These popular acts merged the musical style of Frank Sinatra with the Maori tradition of storytelling to great success.

So it’s with a skilful mix of humour and killer harmonies the Modern Maori Quartet pays tribute. Like their forebears, these boys effortlessly charm their audience, delivering the feel-good factor in abundance.

They also share a little of their own culture. The most important concept being “Aroha,” the Maori word for love. For this is what’s really at the heart of their show: a love of music, a love of tradition, and a love of gathering friends and family (whanau).


It’s also the boys’ excuse to endlessly flirt with the “ladies” of the audience, something that only adds to the genuine warmth of their performance.

But while the genre may be distinctly kiwi, the appeal is most definitely universal. In short, it’s a beautiful hour with truly stunning vocals. We loved every minute of it!


Modern Maori Quartet
2:25pm August 20 – 28 @ Assembly Square Studios

Album Release: September 15th 



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