With a cast of eight boys and one cool androgynous-looking girl, Noise Boys reminds me of The Magnets meets Choir of Man meets Tap Dogs. It’s no surprise to find out that it’s directed and produced by Nic Doodson and from the creative minds behind The Choir of Man, Gobsmacked!, Soweto Gospel Choir and The Magnets.

With a loose storyline, set in the doldrums of the basement break-room of an Amazon packing warehouse, the scene is set for this group of talented performers to display their wares.

There’s a strong pedigree among this group, made up of multi-award-winning beatboxers, world-class tap-dancers and some fine street musicians, who blend together to make up the various parts of the jigsaw, tapping, rapping and delighting us with their individual and collective skills from start to finish, which is up-beat from the start.

The impressive line-up includes female narrator/rapper RoxXxan, a cool, sassy MC from Birmingham championed by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe; cheeky beatboxer Hobbit, the official 2x UK Loopstation Champion, 3x UK Team Champion and integral member of World Champion beatboxers, ‘The Beatbox Collective’; the loveable, somewhat geeky-looking beatboxer, Joel Fishel, also known as an X Factor 2017 finalist; world-class tappers Alex Larder, Matt Jordan, Adam Hilton, and Benjamin Ash who appear to dance effortlessly, without even breaking into a sweat; and musicians Jacob Leeson and George Fowler, who could easily give any of the Voice contestants a run for their money.

With writing and narration from Rob Broderick (aka Abandoman) and Adam Woollard (Shuffle T) and choreography by Douglas Mills, lead performer in the worldwide production Tap Dogs, Noise Boys has all the pizzazz and slickness of a West End show and is a show that will wow all the family.