The Paines Plough Roundabout is situated to the back of the courtyard in Summerhall. This theatre space in the round hosts many excellent shows during the Edinburgh Fringe. Scorch is a bold piece of writing from Stacey Gregg that looks at gender identity through excellent storytelling, subtle humour and brilliant staging. Director Emma Jordan tackles the subject matter in a delicate and precise manner and presents an interesting play in a special venue.

Amy McAllister plays Kes, a transgender young man who finds themselves facing a three and a half year jail sentence for deceiving a lover, who believed he was born a man. It is the performance by Amy McAllister that ties the show together and conveys the important message. The performer takes the witty script and delivers it with heart and intensity. She manages to draw laughs from the audience throughout and gives an exhausting performance that never loses sight of the serious subject matter. Scorch is a complicated story delivered in simple terms: an excellent script interpreted with integrity and passion.

As the story progresses so does the tension. The taut climax explicitly showcases the overwrought trauma that the protagonist is experiencing. The fact that the show is performed in the round adds to the anxiety. The performer makes full use of the stage and we get the impression that Kes is in the eye of the storm as he darts around the circle in search of help and a solution to the serious predicament. Scorch ends without giving a resolution to the problem. The audience is left empathising with the protagonist by being left to draw our own conclusions on what the future may hold.

Scorch comes to the Edinburgh Fringe already having won Best New Play at the prestigious Irish Theatre Awards. After witnessing the courageous performance it is no surprise that the play has received so much positive attention and will no doubt receive a lot more.