Note: This review is from the 2016 Fringe

Have you ever been in the mood to go clubbing but simultaneously dreading the hassle of the cloakroom, trying to get a drink at the bar, and putting up with your drunken friends? Then the Birthday Girls have got you covered. Sh!t Hot Party Legends is their latest Fringe show, based around the lives of twenty-somethings out on the town. But they give you a free shot, a seat at the bar and play all the classic hits – even the Macarena.

Glitter dabbed on your face, a shot of Peach Snapps put in your hand and your personal space perhaps invaded. Three hilarious women, and a tech who literally reminds you of a DJ in a massive club. Beattie Edmondson, Rose Johnson and Camille Ucan are obsessed with hair, shoes and members of the audience: watch out for your drinks, bags and boyfriends.

An hour of hilarity, the girls are full of energy and enthusiasm and dressed in tacky leggings and high ponytails. It’s like the Birthday Girls have gotten so drunk that they’ve started taking their gyrating, booty-shaking way too seriously. In between dances they break out into sketches, which are for the most part bizarre in the best way possible, but some sketches haven’t been fully fleshed enough to make sense.

There’s many side-splitting characters including: the old granny that requires a goat and a virgin, Jamie Oliver after dark making his meals that we know take way longer than fifteen minutes, and Ian Rankin after he stops writing Rebus.

Rose: the boss, the kind of girl that would force you to keep drinking when it’s clearly time to go home. Camille: the strange one, not afraid to make a fool of herself. Beattie: the posh one, who’s trying to fit in with all this nonsense. We invest in their show so much because we get to know the girls and can see the dynamic behind the trio of friends. Often breaking out of character and going with the flow.

A smart, fun, crazy and accurate comedy sketch show, about nights out and the modern life of females, that gets you in the mood to party. They have a handbag full of props and costumes, and of course all the best moves. When the lights come up, you’ll be gutted the club is closing and it’s time to go home, or time for your favourite post night out food – whatever that may be.