Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

In @SimCos3000, a dynamic duo is ready to take on the internet through the fictitious gaming world of Honshu Kingdom. They may only have 24 followers so far, but with their laminated plan in hand, they’re ready to become the newest online sensation. Good Wolf People offer a production that tackles difficult topics within the setting of a high school.

School is never easy, especially when you have a French teacher that makes each lesson seem never-ending. Yet in this new generation, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to make careers within social media sites – whether as an Instagram influencer, or as a channel on Youtube. In this performance, it is the latter, and as wolf-howling pair Marcos and Simran join forces, they set out their plan to become gaming stars. Things are not so simple though: while Marcos deals with issues at home, Simran must address her own jealousy as Jaycob enters their gaming scene.

The premise of the plot is simple, but thoughtful enough to keep us engaged throughout the play. It takes us back to days sitting in class, eager to talk to those around us, but not so keen to learn French. The teacher especially plays an important role which I didn’t at first foresee; it was refreshing to see a character that brings back daunting memories of high-school, yet equally reminds us of the teachers we liked.

As the play progresses the bonds between these characters grow, and force those like Marcos out of their shell – we witness the development of well-rounded personalities. Marcos’ family life seems a bit ambiguous, but it still illustrates the struggles that manifest into a high-school environment, which was the focus of this subplot.

The show could certainly be more polished, but this will come with time, and for a group of growing performers it is a charming production that bettered my initial expectations. @SimCos3000 reminds its audiences to reach out to those around you, to have aspirations and value friendships… and in turn, to feed the good wolf inside of you.