Note: This review is from the 2018 Fringe

Sindhu Vee may be debuting her first full hour of comedy at this year’s Fringe but as a TV, podcast and Fringe regular since beginning stand-up in 2012, it feels like we know the comedian quite well already. Sandhog is Vee’s refreshing and witty take on the common experience of marriage, parenting and ageing parents, in a hilarious show which rightly earned her a Best Newcomer nomination in this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

In Vee’s opinion (and from the knowing laughter in the audience, she’s not the only one) marriage and parenthood are a series of battles to be won. The comedian explains that being married to a Danish man for 20 years hasn’t been all ‘hygge’ and Lego fun and his pragmatism can often jar with her fiery personality, as demonstrated in a series of amusing anecdotes. Some of the language used to describe her husband may seem critical but it’s delivered with heart, in a way that anyone in a long-term relationship can understand.

Vee narrates an engaging and intricate tale of long-term marriage and parenting three children with her acerbic wit and honest observations endearing her to the audience immediately, even when she’s not painting herself in a positive light. The comic’s tips on staying happy in her marriage include destabilising her husband to gain more power and strategic lying which provides some of the biggest laughs of the show, along with impressions of her own mother, who enjoys calling regularly to discuss salacious fake news.

But Sandhog isn’t just a show for couples – there’s a running thread of romance for anyone who’s unattached. The couple married swiftly, mere weeks after meeting and the title of the show refers to a Microsoft autocorrect of Sindhu’s name which cropped up in email correspondence between the pair. By the end of the hour the audience can see why the Dane still loves his ‘Sandhog’, as the audience leave the venue a little bit enamoured with her too.