Not so much ‘Through the Keyhole‘ but through the front door, The Art of Hospitality allows you a unique opportunity to step into the grandeur of three-story Georgian Town House, Crescent House, to meet award-winning artist Michael Worobec and view his extraordinary work in his own home.

Away from the madding crowd and the madness of the main Fringe activity, Crescent House on 13 Claremont Crescent is a hidden gem on the very edge of the New Town. Part guest house, part art space/venue, film and TV location, it is first and most importantly a home.

Curated and designed over three years by the artist it allows the guest to see the crossover of interior and the aesthetic preoccupations at play in this fascinating and creative space. Although part of Fringe 2021, this exhibition could easily stand as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival.

What sets this Fringe show apart is the opportunity to meet the charismatic, passionate and talkative artist Worobec in person and learn first-hand more about the exhibition that spans 20 years of his work and include paintings such as Fragments, Afro, Scrap, Tattoo and Object Male Nude.

Born of Italian and Ukrainian parents, his background has influenced his art. Many of his works tackle deep-seated social problems, focusing in particular on the destructive power of the patriarchy. Worobec’s passion and enthusiasm for his work shine through as he explains the thoughts behind his creations. He has forged a reputation for vivid, unsettling paintings, yet many create great delight, with beauty being in the eye of the beholder, with circles, and stars featuring heavily in many of his works.  As he explains “My art has given me a voice to express my passion for social justice and self freedom”.

The number 13 may be unlucky for some but take a punt on this different Fringe show and pay a visit to Crescent House. It might just become your hidden gem of a Fringe experience.