Note: This review is from the 2018 Fringe

With just a notebook and a stool Jenny Lindsay takes the audience on a journey through gender, feminism and sex in what is a thought-provoking and searingly clever spoken word and poetry performance. Lindsay is well-known for her work and for never being shy to cover the topics others may steer clear of and This Script and other drafts is a perfect example of that.

From the outset of this show ‘Ode to the Needlessly Cruel’ challenges the keyboard warriors who hide behind their screens while spouting vitriolic and unnecessary abuse just because they don’t agree with someone else’s point-of-view. The irony, Lindsay, points out is that these people would all get on perfectly well down the pub.

Lindsay’s own anger was spiked when the #MeToo campaign came to the fore. Not about the campaign itself which she wrote a painfully personal post on social media about, but about the comments made surrounding it, including that the stories were not ‘diverse’ enough, missing the point that the stories were personal; they were not trying to be representative of whole groups.

This is all delivered with an engaging sing song quality and rhythm which is so deliberate and precise that it is plain to see why Lindsay is such a successful and popular spoken word performer. Because the audience are so expectant of a poem coming, sometimes her speech too sounds like it is being delivered as poetry and the rapture on the faces around the room is clear.

This is important work which the poet is completely invested in and the more people that hear it (much like the hashtag campaigns) the more likely we are, as a society, to start to be able to change, or more accurately have, the conversations. Pornography, periods and insensitive “why are you not pregnant yet?” questions are all covered in this exceptional performance. And it is exceptional, despite being a work in progress and despite the obvious nerves of the performer. When this is the finished article it should get its own viral hashtag to ensure it reaches as wide an audience as possible.