Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

Edalia Day is a poet, animator and theatre-maker. With Too Pretty To Punch they present a multimedia show that combines music, poetry and physical theatre and that looks at gender non-conformity from a comedic, but important perspective.

Edalia bounces onto the stage with energy and vigour and performs in front of a large screen where supertitles and animation is projected. They deliver the show through spoken word poetry and the language is succinct, engaging and flows with a gentle ease which draws the audience into the compelling narrative of the show. With the use of projections Edalia creates a madcap and subversive world that is bright, exciting and unpredictable. At times the performer interacts with the screen and this technique feels innovative and fresh and adds to the subversive nature of Too Pretty To Punch. At times, though, the songs, which regularly occur, feel a bit excessive as the performer tries to cram in a lot of detail and information. The music moves at a break-neck pace and we hardly have anytime to take in the words and lyrics. 

What makes Too Pretty To Punch feel so vital is that Edalia constantly draws on their own experiences. The multitude of performance styles create a frantic show that fully adds to the anxiety and pressure Edalia feels in their everyday life. When the music and animation stops, the audience and the performer are left looking at each other eye to eye. The performance is intimate and personal and the quiet moments feel like a conversation between friends. Here the themes of Too Pretty To Punch really hit home and leave the audience feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. It is an entertaining hour where the audience will likely learn something new and be thoroughly entertained at the same time.