Theatre / 90 min / £14 (£12), £16, (£14) / 16 +

Showing @ Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 26 Aug, 15.15

With Labour fairing better in the polls, it seems ‘Red Ed’ isn’t doing too badly in pulling his party out of its quandary. But if there’s anything the party’s members should remember, it’s never invest too much in one person. I, Tommy is Red Aye Production’s satire about the rise and spectacular fall of SSP leader, Tommy Sheridan. As a political play (with comedian Des McClean as the rakish socialist)  I, Tommy ticks many of the boxes you’d want; it’s current, trenchant and at times very funny. And the more the play progresses the more absurd things become, the climactic farce of the defamation trial being suitably acerbic. However, despite the play’s merits it is quite forgettable, which is a worry when it’s message is so important to remember; don’t trust demagogues.