Emily Christie

Emily works in publishing and is a lover of existential horror, vintage prairie dresses and buying ice cream at the theatre.
46 articles

Old Bones

Captivating and devilishly intriguing one-man show

26 September 2022


Charming and quirky Dundee comedy

20 September 2022

The Steamie

Charming, heartfelt, and lively take on a classic show

21 August 2022

The Bookies

A riveting and raucous black comedy premiere

12 May 2022


A powerful exploration of family and memory

29 March 2022

The Children

A challenging and captivating examination of the trauma caused by ecological disasters

4 March 2022


Perth Theatre deliver a hilarious and heartfelt panto

3 December 2021

A Christmas Carol

Innovative and exquisite musical take on a Christmas classic

3 December 2021