Karen Marquis

Karen is a writer, director and producer. She loves books, animals, theatre, gossip, and has broad musical interests, but particularly loves quirky folk, indie, rockabilly, soul and strange electronic sounds.
24 articles

Forever Home

Heartwarming musical about adoption opens PPP's autumn season

13 September 2023

Until It's Gone

Bittersweet drama from Alison Carr about finding friendship.

26 February 2023


Joyous, heartfelt panto from PACE youth theatre

24 December 2022


A bittersweet celebration of girls gone wrong from Hillary Brooks and Clive King

24 November 2022


Bethany Tennick delivers a bold witchy quest perfect for winter

21 November 2022


It's viva love as Moz returns to Glasgow

11 October 2022

Age Is A Feeling

Bracing blast of melancholy from writer and actor, Haley McGee

1 September 2022