Karen Marquis

Karen is a writer, director and producer. She loves books, animals, theatre, gossip, and has broad musical interests, but particularly loves quirky folk, indie, rockabilly, soul and strange electronic sounds.
20 articles


A bittersweet celebration of girls gone wrong from Hillary Brooks and Clive King

24 November 2022


Bethany Tennick delivers a bold witchy quest perfect for winter

21 November 2022


It's viva love as Moz returns to Glasgow

11 October 2022

Age Is A Feeling

Bracing blast of melancholy from writer and actor, Haley McGee

1 September 2022


Gorgeous pared-down meta-musical is wistfully dramatic about life, love and lockdown

27 August 2022

The Bush

Vibrant eco-comedy set in Sydney

25 August 2022

Double Drop

Uplifting comedy culture clash about a young girl torn between Welsh arts and rave

22 August 2022