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Traverse Theatre

The Panopticon

Russell-Martin’s empowering performance gives a voice to those failed by the care system

Tipping the Velvet

Sarah Wade’s unforgettable novel becomes a mesmerising theatrical production.

My Name Is…

A faultless piece of verbatim theatre that goes behind the headlines.


Well-intentioned and thoughtful start to this season’s A Play, A Pie and A Pint

The Straw Chair

Rarely seen play set on remote St. Kilda is rich with relevance about the place of women in society


David Cronenberg’s unsettling and almost prophetic debut feature is undoubtedly a ’70s horror, but its themes remain timeless.

The Visitor

Universally panned upon its release in 1979, this Italian cult classic might just be the ultimate midnight movie.


Night of the Comet

An exceptional post-apocalyptic parody that shows horror doesn’t have to take itself too seriously.


The story of the Scottish meteorologist whose intimate knowledge of the British climate helped bring about the end of WWII.

The Stuff

The 80s horror film about a delicious pudding that contains more than unwanted calories.

Hell Comes to Frogtown

The cult 80s action movie in which mutant frogs have taken over the world and only one person can help.


An instantly forgettable B-Movie best avoided by true fans of the horror genre.

The Phantom Carriage

A look back at the classic piece of Swedish silent cinema directed by Victor Sjöström.

The Collection

An emotional insight into the troubling psychology of those who prey on the weak and impoverished.


A silent, black and white re-imagining of the Snow White story set in 1920s Spain.


A heart rending drama about the grief suffered by those left behind after a death.


A powerfully evocative debut film about desire and isolation from Scotsman Scott Graham.

The Tenant

A dark and disturbing thriller with themes of suicide directed by and starring Roman Polanski.