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The Car Man

Lust for wealth is explored in Matthew Bourne’s acclaimed dance piece, based on the passionate score of Bizet’s Carmen.


Sebastian Faulks’ bestselling novel, adapted by Rachel Wagstaff, follows the journey of an English soldier during his service in France.

Orfeo ed Euridice

A lush Scottish Opera production whose visual elements overpower the subtler music

War on Christmas

Gary McNair’s War on Christmas asks why we don’t just celebrate all the time, abandoning December traditions altogether.



Sophie and the Big Friendly Giant bond over their dislike of the snozzcumber vegetable, fizzy drinks and farting in David Wood’s adaptation of the Roald Dahl book.

Withnail & I

Bruce Robinson’s black comedy follows the plight of two struggling actors trying to find their place both on the stage and in the world.


Gaelic drama about a Hebridean serial killer proves language needn’t be a barrier in theatre.


Sue Glover’s tale of 19th century female farmworkers goes beyond simplistic political observation.

The Assessment

James Leadbitter (aka the vacuum cleaner)’s piece questions the labels we put on individuals, and why.


A recently bereaved mother and her late son’s boyfriend slowly attempt to build a relationship.


Fading Gigolo

When a bookseller falls on hard times, he persuades his florist friend that there’s money to be made as a part-time gigolo.



Owen McCafferty writes a frank story about our closest relationships, betrayal and humanness.



A beautifully executed, philosophical exploration of war, religion and humanity.


The Carousel

A woman goes to look after her dying mother in Stellar Quines’ production.


Men in the Cities

Chris Goode and Company presents a powerful performance of experimental storytelling.



John McCann’s script is a sharp and witty political satire that explores the moral choice between conforming and controversy.


Some Like It Hot

The classic Hollywood farce, in which the two protagonists transform themselves into darling damsels in an effort to escape the mob.

Keeping Rosy

A psychological thriller that shows even the most difficult truths can be easier to live with than a lie.

The Lady from Shanghai

The restored version of Orson Welles’s 1947 classic noir murder, is re-released in selected cinemas across the UK.