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Madeleine Dunnigan

Beginning my time at The Wee Review during the chaos of the Edinburgh Fringe, I now report from the manic streets of London, covering independent cinema releases based in the capital. Having recently graduated from Cambridge University in English Literature, I am now a freelance writer (in film, fashion and feminism alike) and full-time film enthusiast (with a mild popcorn problem).

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Highly charged social realist drama with flights into the surreal nature of epilepsy.


An outrageously tacky blend of contemporary and classical concerns with a wicked soul soundtrack.


My Name is Hmmm…

A disappointingly superficial exploration of serious themes, which will leave you unsatisfied and confused.

A Touch of Sin

A bleak yet beautiful look at modern-day China and the struggle to survive in a corrupt and capitalist world.


Finding Fela

A fascinating glimpse of this eccentric figure and his world of music, radical politics and African spiritualism.


Sister is a frank exploration of sex, feminism and sisterhood that dramatically challenges an audience.

This is Ceilidh

An exhilirating night of song, drumming and dance – This Is Ceilidh takes ceilidh to the next level.


Despite having tequila and nudity this disappointing cabaret will leave you feeling flat.


Seamless and luminous choreography: a unique take on a current climate of surveillance and technological advancement.

I Do, Do I

Greg Sinclair deconstructs the world into the multitude of harmonious, cacophonous and silly noises that comprise it.


An awe-inspiring spectacle that will leave you feeling giddy.


An intensely intimate representation of one man’s mental struggle.