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Peter Pan

It’s business as usual with another King’s panto but sadly something feels a bit off.

For Those in Peril

A raw and muted look into mental trauma from the eyes of the sufferer and the wider community.

Couldn’t Care Less

Beautifully capturing the pain Alzheimer’s inflects not only on the sufferer but those around them too.

Mother Goose

Business as usual as the King’s serves up another cracking panto.


The Lyceum’s Christmas offering should tick all the boxes but something’s fundamentally wrong with the text.


Interview: Rona Munro

Rona Munro on how far female playwriting has come over the last 30 years ahead of a new adaptation of Iron at the Traverse.

The Cone Gatherers

Aberdeen Performing Arts’ production, while visually impressive, fails to explore the religion and redemption of the original text.

Sex and God

A thoughtful investigation into the shifting paradigms surrounding women in society.


Petzold’s film is certainly a slow burner, but for those patient viewers he rewards them with an emotional payoff.


A crucial and informative study of the practical approach to preventing maternal deaths.

The Collector

Wyler’s menacing and maddening thriller is undoubtedly layered, but also provides very little closure.


Hospitalité (Kantai)

Rare cinematic experience which concerns itself with the humdrum of family life and what it takes to destroy it.


The Zellner brothers explore adolescence in typical destructive black comedy style.


Isabel de Ocampo’s debut feature is a traumatic examination of human trafficking.

Lovely Molly

The execution of Sánchez’s new Blair Witch-esque horror is far too clumsy.