spoken word

As Far As Impossible

Profound and harrowing in equal measure, Rodrigues' verbatim piece shines a light on humanitarian efforts

13 August 2023

Mr Fox

Masterful storyteller reworks the darkest of folklore with warmth, wit and charm

11 August 2023

Kae Tempest

Kae Tempest is passionate, funny, heartwarming and eminently relatable - a true poet for our times

22 August 2022

We Were Promised Honey!

We’re not watching this, we’re in it, travelling to the last moment we will spend alive.

20 August 2022


Intriguing fusion with movement frees poetry from its ivory tower

18 August 2022


A fierce, feisty, funny battle cry for inclusion

15 August 2022

The Book of Life

A heartfelt and hopeful performance that finds light in the darkness

15 August 2022