Note: This review is from the 2017 Fringe

Stand-up comedian Keith Farnan brings his wickedly wacky style of comedy to a very unique family show this Fringe season with Kidocracy at The Stand Comedy Club 3. It’s an interactive comedy show for children aged 6+, presented by Brehon (Farnan), an ancient Irish know-it-all who’s in charge of an island where children get to rule because the grown-ups have obviously made such a mess of the world. We have a chat with Farnan to see why families should come along to this one…

Describe the show in 3 words…

Politics for kids.

Now a bit more detail…

The show’s an interactive and fun game show of a sort which introduces kids to some basic ideas about governing and politics, but in the midst of it, there’s just people in silly costumes playing games.

When choosing something to see at the Fringe, why should families choose your show?

It’s not like anything else at the Fringe and it’s just as good for parents to see how their kids are clued into what’s on in the world around them.

What are you looking forward to seeing at the festival this year?

I’m really hoping to see some shows later in the run so I haven’t looked at anything yet, but probably just looking forward to seeing my family when they come up later in the run (altogether now…. awwwww!)

What’s next for Kidocracy?

We’ve done a lot of the summer festivals like Camp Bestival and Deershed in Yorkshire, so we’ll take a break and then take the show back on the road toward the end of the year and into the next year.

Kidocracy is @ The Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh until Sun 20 Aug 2017 @ 12:00