So we’re probably all in agreement with Bobby G and the Boomtown Rats that Monday’s aren’t the best day of the week, but the good folks at the Cameo are at least doing their bit to put a spring into Tuesday’s step. With a changing programme of arthouse undiscovereds and forgotten classics every month, Discover Tuesdays are a great way to fill in the blanks in your cinematic knowledge and pick up the slack from the start of the week.

Tickets are £5 for members and £8 for the general riff-raff. Here’s what they’ve got in store for us over the coming month:

Perfect Blue

Satoshi Kon / Japan / 1997 / 81 mins

Anime meets psychological thriller – what’s not to like? This cult gem from 1997 sees J-pop star Mima ditch her pristine, squeaky clean lifestyle to pursue an acting career, with dark and unpredictable consequences. As she embraces her first role and falls victim to an increasingly creepy stalker, Mima begins to lose her grip on the difference between fantasy and reality.

@ Cameo, Tue 31 Oct, 6pm

North by Northwest

Alfred Hitchcock / USA / 1959 / 136 mins

Even if you’ve not seen this classic from Hitchcock’s back catalogue, you’re sure to recognise a handful of iconic scenes that have been copy-pasted and parodied by myriad films and television shows through the years. In the original, Cary Grant is a cocksure ad executive who has the rug and his composure pulled from under him after he’s mistaken for a spy and pursued across the country by the full force of the US government.

@ Cameo, Tue 7 Nov, 6pm

School Life

Neasa Ní Chianáin, David Rane / Ireland / 2016 / 100 mins

This documentary focuses on Headfort School, the only primary-age boarding school in all of Ireland, and in particular on two of the teachers who have shaped the minds of its pupils for the last 50 years. With retirement on the horizon, John and Amanda Leyden are forced to confront how they will fill the imminent void in their lives, with the school (and perhaps the pair themselves) emblematic of a bygone age and a crumbling class system.

@ Cameo, Tue 14 Nov, 6pm

Hotel Salvation

Shubhashish Bhutiani / India / 2016 / 102 mins

The life of a world-weary accountant is turned on its head when his eccentric 77-year-old father suddenly decides he must see out his days in the holy city of Varanasi on the banks of the River Ganges. A road movie with a beautiful message and plenty of playful quirks and quibbles, Mukti Bhawan (as it’s known in its native Hindi) waltzed off with an armful of gongs and awards upon its release last year.

@ Cameo, Tue 21 Nov, 6pm