While the Edinburgh International Film Festival might be stealing most of the headlines this June, there’s still plenty of other new releases on offer at Scottish cinemas. Here’s a wee sneak peek ahead at the summer programme at the Edinburgh Filmhouse and the Glasgow Film Theatre.

That Summer

Göran Olsson / Sweden, USA, Denmark / 2017 / 80 mins

Intriguing documentary about an attempted film made by the artist Peter Beard in the early 70s, That Summer focuses on Jackie Kennedy and her sister Lee Radziwill. Featuring never-before-seen footage that was lost for decades (and some of which was shot by Andy Warhol), it’s a fascinating insight into the creative community which shaped the Zeitgeist of the time.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 1 Jun

@ GFT from Tue 19 Jun

The Double Lover

François Ozon / France / 2017 / 107 mins

For those who like their French thrillers with a hefty dose of eroticism, The Double Lover ticks all boxes and tickles a fair few fancies, as well. When doe-eyed model Chloé is convinced her stomach cramps are psychosomatic, she starts seeing an analyst – but their relationship soon becomes far more than just professional. However, it’s only after moving in with the enigmatic man that Chloé realises there may be more to him than meets the eye, and her grip on reality quickly begins to slacken.

@ GFT from Fri 1 Jun  

@ Filmhouse from Fri 8 Jun


Simon Hunter / UK / 2017 / 102 mins

Trapped for decades in an unloving marriage with a cold, controlling husband, Edie (Sheila Hancock) is finally released at his death – only for her selfish and unappreciative daughter to place her in a home. Intent on realising a lifelong dream, Edie takes the bold decision to climb the mountain of Suilven near Lochinver in Scotland. To help her on her way, she enlists the help of local Jonny (Kevin Guthrie), with whom she forms a close bond during their time together.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 8 Jun


Tony Zierra / USA / 2017 / 94 mins

After his breakthrough performance in Barry Lyndon, promising actor Leon Vitali gave up his chance at the limelight to become Stanley Kubrick’s right-hand man. For over 20 years, Vitali quietly worked behind the scenes to allow Kubrick to create and perfect his supreme body of work. This unique documentary sheds some light on this unsung hero who sacrificed his own stardom to make the Kubrick canon possible.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 8 Jun

The Breadwinner

Nora Twomey / Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg / 2017 / 94 mins

Parvana (voiced by Saara Chaudry) is a young girl growing up in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. She likes hearing stories from her father Nurullah (Ali Badshah) while they work at a market stall in the hustle and bustle of Kabul. After Nurullah is arrested on unjust terms, Parvana uses her initiative to dress up as a boy and goes on an immense and treacherous journey to find Nurullah and set him free.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 8 Jun

@ GFT from Sun 27 May


Jason Reitman / USA / 2018 / 94 mins

Single mother Marlo (Charlize Theron) is run off her feet holding down a job and looking after her three children, so her brother generously hires a nanny to help out. At first reluctant to take on what she sees as an extravagance, Marlo comes to form a close bond with the eponymous hired help. As with previous efforts Juno and Young Adult, Reitman gives a refreshing and endearing perspective on modern-day motherhood.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 8 Jun

A Gentle Creature

Sergey Loznitsa / France, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Holland, Ukraine, Latvia / 2017 / 123 mins

The eponymous gentle creature is a woman who lives in a quiet village in Russia. Her husband is serving a prison sentence for committing a murder and one day she returns home to discover that a parcel she sent has been returned. Determined to work out the motives for such an occurrence, she sets off to the Siberian prison to discover the truth, in spite of the potential dangers faced and the moments of lawlessness she encounters along the way.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 15 Jun

Studio 54

Matt Tyrnauer / USA / 2018 / 98 mins

Studio 54 was a notoriously decadent den of hedonism in the 70s. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell struck upon a new definition for the nightclub which came to symbolise the free love vibe of the era. Tyrnauer uses fantastic archive footage and present-day interviews with those who went along for the ride to throw light on this deliciously interesting subject.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 15 Jun

@ GFT from Fri 15 Jun

A Ciambra

Jonas Carpignano / Italy, Brazil, Germany, France, Sweden, USA / 2017 / 118 mins

The second part in a proposed trilogy, A Ciambra focuses on a bit-part player in 2015’s Mediterranean, 14-year-old Pio Amato living in a coastal town in Italy. Part of a Romani community, Pio is desperate to show that he’s man enough to deal with all the rigours of real life – but soon finds adulthood is maybe not all it’s cracked up to be. Gritty, realistic and absorbing stuff.

@ Filmhouse from Fri 15 Jun

@ GFT from Thu 31 May