Well done to competition winner JAMES TAYLOR who has grabbed himself a pair of tix for the 10th of December!

Showing @ Traverse Theatre 5-24 Dec, preview 4th. 19:00

All for one, and one for all? Perhaps that used to be the case, but now we’re more of a one for one society: today’s hero is the individual. However, the student protests last week roused a sense of solidarity thought to be extinct from our culture and true to the Christmas spirit of ‘togetherness’ the Traverse reunites D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, bursting with camaraderie and collaboration.

The story follows D’Artagnan  as he embarks on a colourful journey, along with side-kick Constance, to save Paris and free the Princess from the Cardinal’s evil grip. No heroic rescue would be the same without the loyal Musketeers, who he first must liberate from the throws of retirement and an identity crisis.

With writer Chris Hannan’s new adventure and Dominic Hill’s surreal and playful direction, the production promises to have all the vibrancy of a show “written by Brothers Grimm, directed by Tim Burton and performed by Black Adder”. Sword fights, puppets, music and dance are combined to create a carnival-esque production. At the helm is the idea of teamwork that the Musketeers embody while their struggle to find identity is surely questioning their place among contemporary heroes whose triumphant victories often endorse individualism. As D’Artagnan seeks help, he is the one looking for companionship and unity that (arguably) doesn’t exist anymore. Think less about the adventure, and more about who they are, independently and collectively and who we are, as individuals and as a society. En-garde: the mission to conquer baddies will be arduous, the student protests last week proved this, but the Musketeers will no doubt demonstrate that it is possible. Working together, of course.