Death-defying, alluring and featuring amazing acts, Circus of Horrors is a brilliant show, but definitely not one for the children. A rock band plays live on stage throughout the performance and while a storyline isn’t particularly evident, the audience interaction is incredible.

The performers include a selection of “freaks” who perform various acts. It is not a particularly scary performance, although some of the more daring acts like sword swallowing and contortion do turn your stomach. There are prior warnings that people with a nervous disposition should be wary, but while the play is peppered with some gory things, in all honesty there does not seem to be anything that would cause the audience to feel unwell or faint.

One of the more shocking parts of the performance is the nudity. It is there from the word go right through to the very end, so if this is something that may come as a surprise, be warned!

One character, Camp Dracula, who interacts with audience members before the performance begins, offers a lot of adult humour. There is also a lot of swearing from the characters – Camp Dracula in particular – earning the show its “over 16” rating.

The show seems to have a mass cult following. The audience is full of people wearing the merchandise and joining in with the actors. The extra price for stall seats is therefore worth it for this performance, as you will get a lot of involvement, and in the end you will not mind having to pay the little bit extra.

Circus of Horrors is most definitely enjoyable, if you do not expect gory and gruesome horror throughout. The daring acts performed by the “freaks” are incredible and they all work together on stage to create one stunning performance.