An English teacher, decided one day

That poetry’s not exclusive, there is another way

He set upon the Fringe, to inspire the youth

A burning passion to share this fundamental truth;


‘Have a go’ at this beloved art form, use its bendy rules

It’s far more interesting than what you learn in school

Awkward coughs, slow claps, whoops or cheers?

Any kid can be a poet if they banish their fears


Poems can be written and some can be spoken

Have a go – you don’t have to be the next Michael Rosen

Sometimes it’s a slow burn, not always with flare

Poetry can be serious or fun, just like Pam Ayres’


Mark Grist warms up his audience with professional diligence

He endeavours to increase their creative resilience

His use of props – tenuous at best

Leads his audience through a series of rhythmical tests


Mark experiments with rapping, and games of rhyme

Spikes young imaginations, whilst providing a fun time

The pace is good, the standard is high

Young folks will leave with a desire to at least – try


His chirpy grin and twinkly eyes

Can turn that cynical tween into ‘pleasantly surprised’

For one man on his own, his enthusiasm shines

By the end, you’ll feel like producing a couple of  lines


Thanks Poetry King – you inspired a whole room. Adults as well as kids of all ages will want to put pen to paper. Many apologies for this one your majesty, this one might not make the grade but you can’t blame someone for now trying! Infectious.