Note: This review is from the 2019 Fringe

Krystal Evans may say she’s given up weed now she’s a mum, but it doesn’t sound like it. With her low energy American drawl – what she calls her “resting sarcastic voice” – you can believe that would be her recreational drug of choice. She’s not the sort of comic to look you in the eye and come at you, full-on and hyperactive (which at 12 noon is just as well). Evans is more your casual, look-at-the-world-with-a-weary-eye type. A jeans and t-shirt (Flaming Lips as it happens) comedian, not the attention-seeking zany costume kind.

She uses good, short scene-building one liners to introduce herself as an American with a Scottish husband. It’s standard cultural difference material but avoids the obvious clich├ęs in favour of something snappier and wittier. It gets everyone on board as she begins to build into longer anecdotes.

The fishnets of the title have a twofold purpose. One – it was an excuse to wear fishnets on the poster. Two – there’s fishing based content, specifically an anecdote about a fishing trip with her grandad. Like everything she does, it’s a bit downbeat, a bit cynical, and finishes with a dark twist.

Evans is a relative newcomer to the Scottish comedy scene, but she comfortably fills this 25 minute set without a lull, and there’s every reason to expect she’ll crack on from here towards a full hour. On this day her finale doesn’t quite work – something about the timing or the intonation isn’t quite right and we’ve missed it – but you clock that she’s aware of that and will no doubt find a way to fix it. Smart, and a welcome addition to the circuit.