Comedy improv troupe Men with Coconuts run this wickedly amusing show once a month at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. The cast of four (three actors, one pianist) dive straight into the wackiness with some improv games and exercises which set up nicely the style and mood for the night’s entertainment. The chaps in the group are a likeably goofy team and their comedic performances are somewhat reminiscent of a live action Looney Tunes cartoon. The gang regularly check in with the audience and there’s lots of fun interaction and suggestions which all add to the easy-going nature of the scenes.

Before the interval, the audience are treated to a guest act. Tonight, it’s the Loud Poets performing some of their funnier poems. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the Men With Coconuts and an added bonus – two shows for the price of one.

After the interval, the Men With Coconuts announce they will now perform a 40 minute completely improvised musical based on a title given to them from the audience. This is where the group really show their talents and the performance of “Just Cow” is hilarious, imaginative, super smart and has the audience in stitches for the entire duration. The cast have fun trying to throw each other at various points and always seem to enjoy making the ludicrous mundane.

Of course, it turns out Donald Trump is a cow in disguise and a group of cows sitting on top of the White House have a poignant discussion (or song even) about falling in love. Absurdly ridiculous and downright hilarious. The best part of the show is the fact you can come again next month and watch something completely different, but no doubt just as amusing.