Fortune Teller is the second album by indie pop band Night Flowers, following their debut Wild Notion, which came out in spring 2018. The fans that fell in love with the band’s dreamy, romantic style, and the lilting vocals of Boston born vocalist, Sophia Pettit, will not be let down by the new album. Fortune Teller contains all the elements that made the band’s first album so successful, while introducing new influences, from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, that enrich this latest collection of songs. Many of the songs have a slightly more rocky feel that is reminiscent of the 80s, particularly noticeable in tracks such as Merry Go Round and I’ve Loved You (Such a Long Time), which have the echoing riffs and synth pop style of that era.

Night Train is a well chosen opening track, with a slow build up full of locomotive-esque drums and soaring guitar. An entirely new element is introduced with the addition of vocals from Greg Ullyart, the band’s guitarist, in a harmony that allows the singers to complement each other perfectly. The song is, along with Merry Go Round and Fortune Teller, one that stands out for its infectious, uplifting melody. They may not be songs that you would listen to before going out, but they would be perfect for a lazy summer day.

On the other end of the spectrum there are tracks like Perfect Storm and Not Coming Down, which are slower and more melancholy. These are songs for rainy days and night time driving (if you don’t find them too soporific). Perfect Storm, the last song to be added to the album, was recorded on an iPhone in a Hackney kitchen, giving it an endearing lo-fi quality.

Perhaps the one criticism for the album is that it is not one that takes many risks. It is easy listening; there is nothing experimental about it. But there’s no mistaking the band’s hazy signature sound, made even better with its distinctive nod to 80s rock. And the sweet, delicate vocals of Pettit, which come through raw and emotionally charged, ensure that the band never lose their authenticity.