Castle Douglas
4 October 2023
Woman Walking
Despite its source material, Woman Walking struggles to find the magic of Shepherd's mountains
Reviewed at Eden Court

1 - 2 November 2022
Enough of Him
Gripping exploration of rank racism in little known episode of Scotland's history
Reviewed at Brunton Theatre

24 - 25 June 2022
Though This Be Madness
Mental health struggles are well evoked in Skye Loneragan's bold, raw one-woman performance
Reviewed at Eden Court

12 September 2019
Inventive children's play stays on tract
Reviewed at Eden Court

26 May 2019
The Guitar Man
Surrogate Productions' UK premiere of Jon Fosse's play is an admirable translation that suffers in its execution.
Reviewed at Assembly Roxy

21 February 2017
A Life With The Beatles
[Rating:4/5] An enjoyable look at the Beatles' career through the eyes of road manager, Neil Aspinall.
Reviewed at -SELECT VENUE-

11 October 2017
Blanche and Butch
Biting drag comedy that shines a discoball on disability in theatre.
Reviewed at Tron Theatre

7 October 2016
The Course of True Love
Romantic and international relations dilemmas play out in a plush hotel room.
Reviewed at Brunton Theatre

30 September 2016
A Bench on the Road
Charioteer Theatre win our interest in the story of Italian immigration but don't deliver on it
Reviewed at Assembly Roxy