Paisley Arts Centre

24 October 2019
The Monster & Mary Shelley
Fascinating and hilarious contemporary look back at Mary Shelley's creation of Frankenstein.
Reviewed at Tron Theatre

22 October 2019
Witty yet moving exploration of Glasgow's asbestos crisis
Reviewed here

12 October 2019
The Box
Deeply affecting and important work explores the dark world of depression
Reviewed at Assembly Roxy

15 September 2019
Inventive children's play stays on tract
Reviewed at Eden Court

26 September 2018
Xana Marwick offers a hard-hitting tale of two lost souls who have been failed by the care system.
Reviewed at Byre Theatre

4 September 2018
South Bend
Gridiron's tale of a romantic culture clash is funny in parts but is it a strong enough story?
Reviewed at Eden Court

21 March 2017
An important topic explored through music, dance and speech, but at times it lacks clarity
Reviewed at Traverse Theatre

9 March 2017
The Cause of Thunder
A meandering but entertaining meditation on the ways in which the world has changed since Brexit.
Reviewed at Tron Theatre

11 October 2016
A Bench on the Road
Charioteer Theatre win our interest in the story of Italian immigration but don't deliver on it
Reviewed at Assembly Roxy

8 October 2016
Invisible Army
Terra Incognita give a sensitive and imaginative exposition of the life of young carers.
Reviewed at Eden Court

6 October 2016
The Collector
Horrors and humanity of occupied Iraq brought vividly to life
Reviewed at Brunton Theatre

1 October 2016
The Course of True Love
Romantic and international relations dilemmas play out in a plush hotel room.
Reviewed at Brunton Theatre

Invalid Date
Damned Rebel Bitches
A remarkable tale of two elderly sisters let down by an exhausting plot.
Reviewed at Traverse Theatre

25 March 2018 - Invalid Date
Little Light
The lingering impression is one of wonder in Vision Mechanics' latest.
Reviewed at Eden Court