Queen's Hall


19 August 2023
Ichiko Aoba
Aoba's dreamy set soothes more than the soul
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18 August 2023
Matthew Herbert
The Horse brings the singular artist's conceptual prowess to life in a thrilling stage show
Reviewed here

22 August 2022
Bruce Liu
A humble and clean, yet enthralling recital from the Canadian pianist
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22 November 2019
Horse: The Same Sky #30
30 years on Horse is still entertaining the crowds with her unique voice
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4 - 5 October 2019
Ben Elton
Ranty bane of the Tories is still very entertaining, if a little unquestioning these days.
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28 June 2019
Sketches of Spain
A short summer night in Spain with Tommy Smith and the SNJO
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23 May 2019
The Fureys
Irish folk family ain't what they used to be
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2 May 2019
SCO / Schuldt / Murray
A concert comprising the old and the new: an interesting musical contrast.
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15 April 2019
Arod Quartet
Destined to be big stars of the chamber music scene.
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21 March 2019
SCO / Kuusisto
A concert of war and conflict.
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12 February 2018
Castalian Quartet
A very good concert, superbly played!
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18 December 2018
Revived Glasgow band add the slick and sophisticated sounds of a new album to their 80s repertoire
Reviewed at The Ironworks

29 November 2018
SCO / Equilbey
A tale of two Mendelssohns
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8 November 2018
SCO / Altstaedt
Nicolas Altstaedt shows himself to be a lively conductor!
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23 February 2018
Rich Hall's Hoedown
A deadpan delight of stand-up and toe-tapping Americana
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11 February 2018
Paul Lewis
A shattering evening!
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9 March 2017
SCO / Cummings
An 18th century musical delight.
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23 February 2017
SCO / Egarr
A perfect evening of music.
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9 August 2017
Karine Polwart Trio
Skills of the highest calibre and an eclectic range of folk and roots music
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29 April 2017
Al Stewart
Decades after his iconic album, Al Stewart remains a cool cat.
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23 October 2016
The four grungy LA girls are less than the sum of their parts
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8 October 2016
Wilko Johnson
Class act is still doing it right
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