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Hannah Wright

Hannah is an arts and festival worker based in Edinburgh. She spends her spare time reading, learning to code and hanging upside down on the trapeze, silks and aerial hoop. She also likes food, cats, roller-skating and science.

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Assembly George Square Gardens

Back of the Bus

Java Dance Theatre take you on a joyous, unconventional bus ride through the streets of Edinburgh

Filament Fringe 2019_0388s
Underbelly Circus Hub


Enthusiastic circus troupe deliver an entertaining hour of acrobatic fun

Assembly Roxy

My Land

A beautiful piece of contemporary circus theatre that is both visually stunning and packed with flawless acrobatic feats.



Darkfield create another all-consuming experience that takes you into a different reality.

Traverse Theatre


A funny, emotional journey through just a few recent acts of local, international and everyday sexism

Assembly Roxy


A brilliant contemporary circus piece that draws you in to a different world with impressive physical skills and a beautiful soundtrack.

Dance Base


A visually stunning and physically impressive look at the relationship between mind and body. 

Assembly Hall


A fast-paced, funny musical comedy from a talented performer. 

Paris de Nuit
Assembly George Square Gardens

Paris de Nuit

A sleek and sexy show that’s sure to satisfy all of your cabaret desires

No Show

No Show

A clever contemporary circus piece that may change how you look at the genre.

Jane Eyre
Festival Theatre

Jane Eyre

National Theatre and Bristol Old Vic present their spectacular touring production of Jane Eyre.


Paper Doll Militia bring their graceful aerial theatre to Manipulate.


365 Days of Circus

What can you take away from a rambling account of one circus fool’s commitment to training every day for a year?


A short burst of intensely personal, physical theatre.