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Nico Marrone


Nico somehow came into possession of an MScR in Postcolonial Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where he also served as the Film Editor for The Student. Now he writes Theatre reviews in order to keep himself busy.

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Unboxed [ONLINE]

Ariel Doron delivers a minimalist exploration of loneliness, perfectly adapted to the digital stage


Rosegold [ONLINE]

An enthralling exploration of the horrors of addiction and trauma


Soul might not be Pixar’s best work – but it is its most existential

Production Lines [via YouTube]

shrapnel [ONLINE]

A deeply relevant piece about kindness and community from an emerging theatre company

Savage State

Attempt at feminist western fails to deliver despite stunning visuals


Visceral gore-fest that slips too easily into tired old horror tropes



Marcia Kelson delivers a humorous take on mother-daughter relationships in the age of lockdown

National Theatre at Home [via YouTube]

Small Island [ONLINE]

A theatrical tour-de-force portraying the adversity faced by the Windrush generation