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Nico Marrone


Nico somehow came into possession of an MScR in Postcolonial Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where he also served as the Film Editor for The Student. Now he writes Theatre reviews in order to keep himself busy.

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Royal Lyceum Theatre

Barber Shop Chronicles

An insightful and invigorating celebration of black culture and diversity that is both hilarious and heartbreaking

Edinburgh Filmhouse

Hail Satan?

A devilish documentary rife with humour and mischief

Odeon Lothian Road

The Deer

A shallow film rife for analysis but with little actual drama

Edinburgh Filmhouse


A powerful and pertinent portrayal of those who commit fraud to escape poverty in Ghana.

Odeon Lothian Road

Ever After

A blend of horror and fairy tale that somehow reanimates zombies into something mostly fresh.

Odeon Lothian Road

The Vast of Night

An ode to vintage pulp science-fiction that delivers an enthralling slow-burn mystery

Odeon Lothian Road

The Deposit

Icelandic debut about immigration and charity is a strong character piece but still feels lacking.

Odeon Lothian Road


Gwen’s unwillingness to fully commit to its horror or drama results in a disappointing end product.

Odeon Lothian Road

How to Fake a War

A concept with potential for biting satire is too reliant on unfunny and outdated humour

Festival Theatre Studio

The Little Bath

Théâtre de Romette crafts a deeply playful and accessible story through its simple premise and imaginative performance.

Traverse Theatre

The Invisible Man

Theater Artemis’ use of puppetry and mime helps to create a charming show suitable for all ages.

Festival Theatre Studio


A powerful piece on the terrorism experienced by children that engages with its young audience.

Assembly Roxy

The Guitar Man

Surrogate Productions’ UK premiere of Jon Fosse’s play is an admirable translation that suffers in its execution.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


A terrifyingly claustrophobic experience that highlights the talents of a freshman director

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Nightshifter

Directorial debut slips into cliche despite the strength of its cast and background elements.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

One Big Happy Family

A myriad of short films highlighting the horrors of familial relationships.

Royal Lyceum Theatre

Local Hero

An excellent adaptation of a classic film that is hilarious, heartbreaking and all too relevant.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Timely and necessary documentary about determination and female empowerment.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Visually stunning, albeit shallow, portrayal of denial and isolation primarily carried by the strength of its star.

Edinburgh Playhouse

American Idiot

A lack-lustre portrayal of disenfranchisement and teenage angst that only serves as a platform for Green Day’s music.