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Nico Marrone


Nico somehow came into possession of an MScR in Postcolonial Literature from the University of Edinburgh, where he also served as the Film Editor for The Student. Now he writes Theatre reviews in order to keep himself busy.

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Edinburgh Filmhouse

One Big Happy Family

A myriad of short films highlighting the horrors of familial relationships.

Royal Lyceum Theatre

Local Hero

An excellent adaptation of a classic film that is hilarious, heartbreaking and all too relevant.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Timely and necessary documentary about determination and female empowerment.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Visually stunning, albeit shallow, portrayal of denial and isolation primarily carried by the strength of its star.

Edinburgh Playhouse

American Idiot

A lack-lustre portrayal of disenfranchisement and teenage angst that only serves as a platform for Green Day’s music.

King's Theatre

Glasgow Girls

Powerful musical stuns audience with heart-warming tale of friendship and tolerance.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Bland film with a strong central performance that adds little to the legacy of Lizzie Borden.

Edinburgh Filmhouse

The Old Man & the Gun

Redford’s swansong is an excellent send-off and look back at the actor’s venerable career.

Assembly Roxy


Although Theatre Paradok deliver a strong performance, they fail to make the societal statements they set out to.

Edinburgh Filmhouse


Sleek 70’s crime-comedy is simultaneously a powerful critique on modern America.

Royal Lyceum Theatre

The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other

Wils Wilson and Janice Parker’s experimental adaptation challenges assumptions about theatre and creates a special community, but doesn’t always hit the mark.

Ghost Prequelle


Swedish metallers return and try something different on a powerful new record.

Traverse Theatre

Locker Room Talk

Gary McNair’s eye-opening exploration of toxic masculinity is still highly relevant