Welcome to our new Food & Drink page!

We thought it was time to branch out. A night at the theatre or cinema can only be enhanced with some good food and drink. In the same way, we thought that restaurant and bar reviews would be an ideal complement to our performing arts reviews.

So starting with spots around Edinburgh where you might stop off for pre or post-theatre dinner or drinks, we’ll be bringing you our considered opinions on all the restaurants, bars and cafes we can get through. We’ll also be out and about at food festivals, street food events, pop-up bar launches, wine tasting – whatever is new in town. We’re hoping to do the same around the rest of Scotland in time, so if you hear of anywhere we should visit, drop us a line!

In the meantime, we will leave you in the capable hands of our new food and drink team, Derek and Isaac (aka Social Bitches). Derek, born in Scotland, but raised in New Zealand from the age of seven, does the words. Isaac, a 6′ 4” New Zealand-born Samoan (but despite appearances, not an All Black), does the photos. They left New Zealand seven years ago in order to make Edinburgh their home and have been making the most of the city’s restaurant and bar scene ever since, dining out and drinking more alcohol than is medically recommended!

So feast yourself on our reviews, and let us know what you think!

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